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June 21 2012


Hcs 427

Performance Management Paper
Hcs413 - Performance evaluations can vary on job descriptions and occurrences of when they are completed. Each job description should have a performance evaluation that matches to the employee’s job duties. It will provide a more accurate way to evaluate an employee and their job duties. The occurrences of evaluation depend on the organization. My organization does evaluations monthly for our department and then annually for the organization. The evaluation is specific to the two positions in our office. One is a patient account follow up representative and the other is a medical claims biller. There are four sections that are included in our monthly evaluations. The sections are efficiency, accuracy, interpersonal skills, and attendance. Hcs 413
Hcs427 - The first section focuses on efficiency with an expectation of completing late charge reports, combine billing reports, failed claims reports and all ePremis claims editing on a daily basis. Each specialist is to complete follow-up on 200 accounts per week. The section is broke down into three measurements of expectations for efficiency. Exceeds expectation states the specialist has worked his/her account volume above departmental expectations. He/she is highly effective in time management as well as recognizing trends to improve efficiency. Second, meets expectations states the specialist has completed review of the designated weekly/monthly account totals. Third, needs development states the specialist has not met the standard and must provide action steps for improvement in comments section. Hcs 427

Hcs 427

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